Condo Resort Rentals

At Vacation Inspirations – wholesale pricing for high end condo rental vacation weeks is one of the most exclusive rewards of membership. We have unbeatable access to gorgeous luxury condo properties with all the amenities of home. We service thousands of members who want to take multiple vacations over their lifetime, therefore we are able to commit large blocks of space at most of the world’s premier resort destinations. Our condo week inventory is based on supply and member demand and is therefore always changing, even on a weekly basis. Our Vacation condo weeks average $399 to $1999 per week depending on unit size and season, and are sourced from a group of the largest developers and wholesalers in the world.

Exclusive wholesale condo vacation weeks are an annual benefit to our members. The Vacation Inspirations membership plan you purchased included a set amount of these exclusive wholesale condo vacation weeks, and you can use them up to the point which your membership allows within the course of any given year. Exclusive wholesale condo vacation weeks may be booked for yourself, for anyone included in your friends and family plan, or you may transfer your exclusive condo vacation weeks to your friends or relatives for no additional fee. Exclusive wholesale condo weeks are priced at our volume cost, and no commission is added to the price our members pay. To make the exclusive wholesale condo week reservation process run smoothly, take the following steps prior to submitting a request:

Plan your vacation
The reservation process for wholesale condo weeks requires the simple submission of a wholesale condo week request form, so it’s best to identify all the desired elements of your exclusive wholesale condo week vacation prior to submitting the required form.

When do you want to travel?
Wholesale condo weeks must be requested a minimum of 90 days in advance of your desired travel dates (180 days for special events and holidays) and can be booked a maximum of 1 year in advance depending on your choice of destination location and resort.

Where do you want to travel?
When submitting a wholesale condo week request form you will be prompted to select two alternate destinations, this gives our specialists maximum flexibility in obtaining the lowest possible wholesale pricing for our members. You are not committed to booking a wholesale condo week at either selected destination until one of our representatives contacts you with available wholesale resort and pricing information, and a verbal commitment is made. Your first choice will always be given significant consideration.

How many people will be travelling?
Condo units are designed to accommodate 2 people in a studio unit, 2 to 4 people in a 1 bedroom unit, 4 to 6 people in a 2 bedroom unit, and 6 to 8 people in a 3 bedroom unit.

Additional Notes:
Exclusive wholesale condo weeks are 8 day 7 night stays – arrival dates at most destinations are generally Saturday, although some locations may have Friday or Sunday as a check in date.

Every property needs to adhere to fire codes and legal occupancy guidelines, if you attempt to check in with more guests than recommended for any given size condo unit, you may not be allowed.

Have your member number available prior to submitting the wholesale condo week request form.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to confirm your vacation – so once you are gathered all the required information, and are prepared to submit a exclusive wholesale condo request.