Terms and Conditions

I. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE (AMF): Additional to the contract with Vacation Inspirations, the client will pay Vacation Inspirations an Annual Membership Fee of $199.00. Payment of the AMF will be due and payable each year according to the annual draft acknowledgment. Failure to pay AMF will result in loss of privileges. II. VACATION INSPIRATIONS RESERVATION SYSTEM: 1. A vacation week is an 8 day/ 7 night condominium in venues normally considered a vacation venue, and may be booked using a Vacation Voucher. 2. A Vacation Voucher is used to request a Vacation Week and must be completely filled out in writing and mailed to Vacation Inspirations no earlier than 360 days prior to and no less than 60 days prior to the vacation week. To greatly increase confirmation allow 90 days notice for a prime season week, or 180 days for a Holiday or Special Event week. 3. Reservation request, as to the location of the vacation, shall be an area designated as a vacation venue by Vacation Inspirations. Destinations are listed as a reference to help determine Prime Season and Swing Seasons and may change from time to time as client demands change, and shall be defined as a venue normally utilized as a vacation area. 4. All reservations are handled on a first come first serve basis, and Vacation Inspirations makes no warranties or guarantees as to the availability in any particular resort or destination. Accommodations are based on supplier availability. Confirmation for accommodations will be mailed to client. No more than two weeks can be booked consecutively or concurrently at any one location without special permission. III. USE AND OCCUPANCY: Purchaser agrees that the purchase of the vacation week(s) is for personal use, and shall be used by the purchaser, their immediate family or their guests providing the occupancy limits are not exceeded. Purchaser agrees to be responsible for damages by those utilizing the accommodations as the result of this agreement, and also abide by all rules and regulations established by any resort. None of the monies collected by Vacation Inspirations shall be used for any personal charges incurred by purchaser, including fees such as cleaning fees, gratuities, state, local or national taxes, energy surcharges, foreign departure fees, etc. IV. CANCELLATION OF ACCOMODATION: In the event a confirmed reservation must be cancelled by purchaser, a credit on a future vacation will be issued only if Vacation Inspirations can resell the accommodations, and if the cancellation is in writing 30 days prior to the vacation date. V. DELAY OR IMPOSSIBILITY OF PERFORMANCE: Where the delay or impossibility of performance due to circumstances beyond the control of Vacation Inspirations occur (other than the act or omission by purchaser), Vacation Inspirations will have the sole and absolute discretion to offer the following: (1) Provide an alternative accommodation the same year space available, (2) Provide additional accommodations in subsequent year or years provided said accommodation does not occur after the termination of this agreement, (3) Refund any fees paid by purchaser for the accommodations. Should the purchaser not use the vacation week allotted by this agreement, due to no act by Vacation Inspirations, Vacation Inspirations is not obligated to refund or provide alternative week. VI. RIGHT OF ASSIGNMENT: Vacation Inspirations retains the absolute privilege to assign the rights and delegate any or all of the duties imposed upon Vacation Inspirations by the terms of this agreement or to assign the entire agreement to others, provided that no such transfer shall affect any rights of the purchaser. (2) Purchaser shall have the privilege to assign their rights under this agreement with the prior written consent of Vacation Inspirations, which shall not be reasonable withheld. Purchaser shall not assign this agreement for a consideration that exceeds the consideration paid by the purchaser.